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What is Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment?

At Stemaid Institute Europe we provide world leading Embryonic Stem Cell Treatments. As a Stem Cell Institute and Clinic, we are deeply committed to maintaining an ethical, professional and caring approach towards our patients and each other.

Embryonic Stem Cells are hugely beneficial and have been shown to be 6-10 times more effective than the normal adult, autologous and/or umbilical cord treatments offered by other treatment providers. The reason is both the structure of the Stem Cells and in particular the type and amount of Cells that we are able to provide per treatment to our patients and the fact that all of our Stem Cells are freshly produced and never frozen. During a single session we administer a minimum of 20 million Embryonic Stem Cells to our Patients resulting in better healing, a faster recovery and an overall improvement of the patient’s situation.

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Why Choose Embryonic Stem-Cells?

  • 6-10 times more potent than adult or umbilical-cord stem cells in helping the body to heal.
  • Safe and effective
  • Accelerates healing in the body within 30 minutes of application.
  • Anti-tumor "cancer vaccine" effect not found in adult or umbilical-cord stem cells.
  • Lengthen the telomeres of our DNA.
  • Contain the Nanog gene, known for its anti-aging benefits.
  • Express MicroRNAs that aid in reversing keloids and scarring.

Comparative Efficacy in %

* Chart results are approximations based on preliminary studies

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What to expect after Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy?

At the Stemaid Institute we care about you as an individual, we listen so that we can fully understand your problem and we are always there for you.

We are not a “Patient Factory”, rather a smaller and highly Specialised Treatment Centre that ensures we remain connected to our patients after their treatments have been successfully accomplished. We often connect with our past patients through our Facebook group(s) and are happy to receive feedback from our many patients sharing their experiences of healing and improvement following their stay with us.

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