Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment

Stemaid Institute Europe’s Advanced Anti Aging Treatment utilizes World Leading Stem Cell Protocols helping you to become a better, more rejuvenated and biologically a more youthful you.

Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment is used to reverse the effects of aging on the body. Most patients who receive Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment noticed positive effects after only a few applications of Stem Cells. Many patients reported improved skin conditions and thicker hair in very short periods. In addition, some women were no longer post-menopausal and both men and women have commented on noticing a much higher and increased libido, all patients had renewed and heightened energy levels.

The Anti Aging Stem Cell Treatment works at the DNA and Chromosome level by increasing the individual’s telomere length. Telomere length will determine a human being’s biological age at the cellular level and in that sense, we are literally able to reverse your age, biologically speaking. Because this occurs at the cellular level it will to an extent also depend on the amount of time and number of treatment sessions undertaken by the patient.

What is Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy

Stem Cell Anti Aging Therapy is the latest form of regenerative treatment that rejuvenates the body as well as treating degenerative or chronic diseases. This is done by stimulating the repair mechanism response within the body to help aged, diseased, malfunctioning/damaged tissue, organs and joint repairs. When our Stem Cells flow throughout the body they will reach every organ, helping to promote total healing and regeneration.

Stem Cell and Anti Aging

After the human body receives Stem Cell Treatment, Stem Cells are flooded throughout the body, which allows them to reach every organ. This also includes skin tissue which is the largest organ of the body, causing a rejuvenation effect that all can see. Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy spreads deeply through the body allowing it to directly treating conditions such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Joint Pain and Neuropathy.

Stem Cell Skin Care

Our unique and bespoke Stem Cell Skin Care protocols work in conjunction with the Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment to efficiently ensure a clean, smooth and youthful look as well as a healthy and rejuvenated body. Reach out to us for more information on how we can help you reach your goals relating to stem cell skin care.

American Stem Cell and Anti Aging Center

Originating from California as a leading American Stem Cell Clinic for many Chronic Illnesses and also as an Anti Aging Center. In 2018 following great success in the US market, we decided to also offer our treatments in Europe to a wider audience of patients. This enables us to share with others our successful results in Anti Aging treatment that have been found already in America.

The first European Embryonic Stem Cell Clinic with Anti Aging Therapy

We have now immersed ourselves within the European market and are based physically in sunny and peaceful Cyprus. This allows us the opportunity to offer our Stem Cell Anti Aging Treatment to anyone from Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere.


Stemaid saved my life. I could not be more grateful. I had a lethal reaction from a cosmetic laser. I had been to hundreds of doctors and was burning alive. Stemaid was my last-ditch effort, and everyone thought I was mad for going to Mexico for stem cells. Only wish I found them earlier. Thank you!!!!!! — Angie Z.
(Anti Aging/Repair Protocol)

I never thought I would be able to walk one hour like I do now. Before the treatment, after 5 min. walk, I would look for a place to rest! I am so happy and feel so much energy. — Helen L.
(Anti Aging Protocol)

It was a real surprise when I realized that my periods were back after 6 months of treatment. My skin is glowing and my hair is so much thicker. I really look 15 years younger, without going through any surgery. — Amy T.
(Anti Aging Protocol)

I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in 1996 and since then I've been using steroids and anti-inflammatory meds for years some months. I was coping well but the majority of the time I could barely walk, I never had the chance to learn to drive an automobile, I always had pain getting in and out of my bed, Pain even in bed on pain killers. I chatted online with other sufferers and my buddies directed me to StemAid as they had many great things to say about them. After some consultations with the medical team, I decided to go ahead with Stem Cell Treatments and its been over 17 months now and I walk much better and back did not hurt as it did and I am having lessons for driving! — Guillaume from Belgium (Anti Aging Protocol)

My acne as a teen left scars, which are now almost invisible and before treatment, I had the beginnings of crows feet around my eyes and a whole lotta lines and wrinkles around my face neck and forehead. the rejuvenation treatments have given me a natural glow and my skin looks smoother AND I didn’t need to go under the knife for it! — Sarah from Manchester, UK (Anti Aging Protocol)

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