Effective Treatment for Scleroderma

Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment for Scleroderma is available at Stemaid Institute Europe. Thanks to many years of experience, our team can help to successfully restore damaged skin and conjunctive tissue elasticity. This is achieved through a combination of Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy for Scleroderma and digestion of the proteins and vitamins required.

Those seeking a successful solution to Scleroderma are required to attend our clinic for a minimum of one month of daily treatment in order to receive a successful outcome. During a one-month treatment course, patients receive 20 Embryonic Stem Cell applications. Depending on the severity of the condition, patients may require further Embryonic Stem Cell applications, 180 days following the initial Treatment for Scleroderma administration.

Understanding Scleroderma

By definition, Scleroderma translates into “hard skin”. The cause of the disease is inflammation of arteries and small veins in the body that result in collagen overproduction within the body’s connective tissue. In a normal situation a person produces collagen at standard levels, the skin is thereby kept limber and flexible, but in conditions where Scleroderma exists, there is an overproduction of Collagen which results in skin tissues becoming thick and motionless.

The disease increases in seriousness when internal organs are affected. This leads to the hardening of the lung, heart, kidney, intestinal tract, and joint tissues. The result is a severe risk of harm to the body’s digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. In the most serious cases, blockages of blood to vital areas can result due to the inflammations experienced. This is precisely why Effective Treatment for Scleroderma is so crucial to overcoming this debilitating illness.

What is Stem Cell Scleroderma Treatment

Stem Cell Scleroderma Treatment provides sufferers with tremendous hope. The protocol is considered a successful alternative treatment for Scleroderma, it is, in fact, one of the most exciting options available. For the past 10 years, Embryonic Stem Cells have been used effectively in the treatment of Scleroderma and research results continue to be incredibly encouraging for those seeking an increase and improvement to their quality of life.

Stem Cell Treatment for Scleroderma works by promoting the regeneration of the damaged tissue achieved due to the Stem Cell’s ability to constrain inflammation. As Stem Cells are Non-Immunogenic, they can be applied without preconditioning and in the absence of Immunosuppressive Prophylaxis. Embryonic Stem Cells can become the precursors of the immune system and blood cells, thus allowing them to develop into mature cells. This provides the opportunity to dramatically improve skin fibrosis in Scleroderma Patients.

Stem cell therapy for scleroderma research

Clinical trials conducted in both USA and Europe support the effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy for Scleroderma. The overall findings show that Stem Cell Scleroderma Treatment Patients have reported lower levels of pain and fatigue and a much higher overall quality of life. While research is ongoing, the research so far is definitely encouraging for long term sufferers of the disease.

This is why popularity for Stem Cell Therapy for Scleroderma has been making waves across the globe.

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